Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jump off

Almost overnight, Basil has developed a large tumor on her abdomen.  She's feeling fine.  Her hair is shiny, her appetite is good and she's as bright and interested as ever.  Still, it seems likely that this will be her last photo shoot.  

Fortunately, we've saved the best for last.  You see, Basil has always been a jumping rat.
Look--she's jumped right out of the tack!
That was so much fun that Basil can't wait to do it again.
Rats!  Four Faults! 
Love for Basil. 
She really is the best rat ever!


  1. Go Basil!

    I'm sorry Basil's developed a tumor. It was very tough losing my rats, and I really wish you and Basil all the best.

  2. Very sorry to hear Basil has a tumour- my rat, Remi, also has a large tumour on her belly. Good news is, it's benign. I'm willing to bet that Basil's tumour is also, given how quickly it developed. Look in to 'benign mammary tumours' and I think you'll find that Basil will cope well, even with a lump on her tummy. :-) Best of luck.

  3. No! That is horrible. :-(

    Many just to you and the boys, plus Basil. I do love the jumping rat. :-)

  4. Thanks for the information, Aspin! I will definitely google that when I have a bit more time. Other than a little bit of extra clumsiness, Basil seems completely unaffected by her tumor. She had so much fun with the jump (she likes climbing on things) so I don't feel like there are any quality of life issues. Hopefully she will do just as well as Remi and have several more good months ahead of her.

  5. Rats commonly develop benign mammary masses. They can be quite large. They can be removed, but most of the time, these are not cancer.

  6. My Guinapig had a tumor too. He lived with in for 18 months after it popped. We gave him a large carrot every nite, Carrots who knew?

  7. I had a gerbil who developed a large tumor on his belly and he lived another 8 or so months after that, and seemed completely unaffected by it. He was getting old, and probably died of old age.