Saturday, January 29, 2011

More vintage goodness

Without a doubt, the most difficult part of yesterday's post was deciding which pictures to use.  The custom division was a wealth of vintage custom beauties and for each photo selected, there were easily two or three more that were equally worthy.  Here are a few that just barely missed the cut.

Once again, I'm starting with a Lynn Fraley model.  I just love her old customs!
Jemez Aguilar (Fraley) owned by Laura Keefer
This colorful guy was created by the late Judy Renee Pope.
Atari Baby (Pope) owned by Laura Keefer
There's no mistaking Diane Capwell's work, particularly when the model in question is a  spotty mule!
Kalico Kat (Capwell) owned by Laura Keefer
Although I'm not generally a Big Ben fan, I just love this piece by Lisa Rivera.
Hoi Polloi (Rivera) owned by Laura Keefer
And the Froelichs!  Oh, there were so many Froelichs at this show!
Marney's Treasure (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
I especially like this draft mare...
RM Last Rose of Summer (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
and her foal. 
Roses Don't Fade (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
Proof that Diane Capwell isn't the only one who knows how to make a spotty mule!
RM Pop Art (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
Yet another one of Julie's beauties--the artists of yesteryear were as prolific as they were talented!
S&M Nonstop Cabaret (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
This next model is an older piece by my friend Tiffany Purdy.  Unlike many of the artists featured in this post, Tiff is still creating amazing drastic customs.
*Blumchen (Purdy) owned by Peg Harris
 Jeanine Hartrampf created this cute baby.
SJ Dangerous Man (Hartrampf) owned by Laura Keefer
Last but certainly not least, is this lovely Adios custom owned and customized by Marie Spinella Phillips. 
TS Dragon Warrior customized and owned by Marie Phillips
Again, thanks to Laura, Peg, Marie and all the wonderful ladies who of MEPSA for allowing me to use their photos here.  It's so wonderful to see these beautiful older pieces!


  1. I love that doll-handler in the second photo (with Pope's custom). Do we know who created it? It has a lovely, expressive face :)

  2. Wonderful! I totally love that draft mare!

  3. I know that now-a-days people do customs using molding material for the mane and tail but I love the drafter with REALY feathers! I'd love to try that sometime! Thanks for sharing!