Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back to work again

Does anyone remember Tuesday's post?  I talked about how difficult it was to finish a saddle in two days.  Several readers commented that I should relax and allow myself more time to complete orders.  Well, I think I must have taken that advice to heart...

Wednesday, I bought a camera.  You wouldn't think that would take an entire day, but somehow it did.
Thursday, I went to a parade with my best friend.  After the parade we walked around downtown and had lunch.  I barely made it home in time to pick up the kids from school.
Friday, I took the girls for a long walk at Cherry Creek State Park.   After that, I went home and edited several hundred pictures.
Today was the opening day of the Stock Show.  Trust me, I was tempted but enough is enough!  I really had to get back to work on Anne's saddle set.
It's not quite finished, but the end is definitely in sight.  I should be able to get this in the mail Monday.  After that I can decide how to balance next week's work/play ratio!


  1. What type of bridle is that on Stage Mom? It looks western, but the braided reins are throwing me off. Is that a typical bridle for a certain type of performance? I'm really intrigued.

  2. Oh, sorry to be confusing! It's just a regular hunter style snaffle bridle without the caveson. Now that it's finished, it looks almost exactly like the one in this post.

  3. Many fo the riding school ponies I used to ride wore half bridles (i.e. an english bridle without a noseband), so that image is not so unusual, and you could call it finished if that's what you want.

  4. Oh man. I have the *exact same* problem.
    I have been killing myself--over the... no, MY, holiday BEAK from college--trying to get a huge list of hobbywork to-dos done. Finally my boyfriend looked at me and was like, 'isn't this supposed to be fun?' and ya know, it isn't anymore X( I just started working as editor of model horse performance mag, I am trying to get a lab internship up at school, I have flashy stable halters, leathers, and all sorts of projects in the back of my mind along with some articles I really want to write... my website, FB and email need to be seriously cared for to welcome to new year... but,
    So. Whatever. The world will not end if the suprise gift I am working is shipped next week, or if my website isn't perfect by the time school comes tomorrow. I just can't do everything and that is okay, darn it.
    Funny thing is, it was your blog that made that really dawn on me -your 2010 goals in review and 2011 goals posts. I finally realized I had to make smaller, realistic goals and not kill myself.

    That is my new goal. LOL

    Thanks for always inspiring me and reminding me that I'm human and not alone in it hahah
    Best wishes,

  5. Four Corners--I've never heard it referred to as a "half bridle" before, but you see that a lot here, too. This post Cara riding Allison without a noseband.

    Sarahbeth--It's true that nothing sets you up for failure like unrealistic goals. I haven't really decided what my own hobby goals are this year. Well, I want to eliminate the backlog and paint more horses and sell more horses and be more organized but I'm not sure that any of those count since those are my goals EVERY year... Anyway, I'm glad I've posted a few entries that resonated for you!