Thursday, January 20, 2011

Slow going

Between this cold and the photo show...
I haven't had much time for tackmaking this week.  In fact, I think the only thing I've worked on is Chip's saddle blanket.  
Cross stitching projects are perfect when you're feeling a bit under the weather.  They don't require much physical or mental energy, and you can work on them while you're all wrapped up in a blanket on the couch!


  1. It looks sweet!
    Trying learn the x-stitch in the summer (if not before that..)
    I have to notice, that it´s nowadays a ritual, and I´m talking of that part, where I come and read BCS blog, every day!
    (don´t mind my english..:D I *might* have some spelling issues..)

  2. I mean the blanket (looks sweet)*

  3. You couldn't tell from that photo that those weren't real horses and riders! Amazing...and hard to judge I bet!
    The blanket is great, too!

  4. The competition in MEPSA rocks. This is a smallest show I've judged for them, but it's still tough.

  5. Mind if I ask what count that cloth for the saddle blanket is? I know the patterns that someone published on a CD are for 14 count aida cloth--just wondering if you are working at the same size :)

  6. 14 count aida cloth is fine, but you know me--I like to make everything harder than necessary. I prefer the 18 count cloth as it allows for a smaller, more detailed pattern and smoother overall finish. One of my friends uses 28 count cloth. I respect her dedication, but I can't match it. I'm pretty sure I'd never finish a pad if I tried that!

  7. Makes sense :)

    And wow...28 count? That's realllyy small! I'd also prefer to admire that rather than try to duplicate it ;)