Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday

Today's post is for all the Western tackmakers!  These pictures were taken at the National Western Stock Show Parade which was held last week in downtown Denver, Colorado.  The first three photos focus on the rodeo queens and their saddles.  The next seven depict members of the silver mounted parade saddle group.  Enjoy!


  1. How does one keep a white saddle clean?!? I'm impressed at how bright and unmarred they are.

    Off the tack making topic - Why do people paint horse's hooves black when they have a white sock??? I know the hoof is not black and it looks rediculous. This drives me nuts!!! Ok, rant over :)


  2. I know this is a bit late, but I was always taught that if the hoof is grey, you paint it black. If it's white you go with clear. And if I'm recalling correctly (it's been a while) if it's white w/ black strip you can usually try and do both, but some just find it easier to do all black.