Friday, January 28, 2011

A trip down memory lane

The year may be 2011, but judging the Custom Division of the January MEPSA Resin/Custom Photo Show has made me feel like it's 1996 all over again.  That was the year that I first got online and discovered the Model Horse Gallery.  Oh, the hours I spent leaning into the screen studying those amazing r/r/h models!  I couldn't get enough of the work of artists like Lynn Fraley,

Charm City Broker (Fraley) owned by Laura Keefer
 Sarah Minkiewicz,

LeBijou (Minkiewicz) owned by Laura Keefer
Elizabeth Bouras,
Devil's Plaything (Bouras) owned by Laura Keefer
Judy Renee Pope,

Sharice (Pope) owned by Peg  Harris
 Laurie Jo Jensen,

Diamontine Star (Jensen) owned by Laura Keefer
 Diane Capwell,
Dot Com Shakedown (Capwell) owned by Laura Keefer
 Lisa Rivera,
No Regrets (Rivera) owned by Laura Keefer

Tom Bainbridge,

Nonsuch Dolwyn (Bainbridge) owned by Laura Keefer
 Julie Froelich,
Chitown Boss (Froelich) owned by Laura Keefer
 Rae Ann Sneathen,

Psyche's Aphrodite (Sneathen) owned by Laurel Dedes
Carlee Balling,
Tuxedo Junction (Balling) owned by Laura Keefer
and Janice Brent.

Delvaux (Brent/Pope)
 Oh, don't get me wrong.  This show also included some really nice models...
Over Easy owned by Laurel Dedes
by newer artists...
Tickle Me Sir Tom owned and customized by Dani Schacht
on brand new molds.
Suncatcher Baby owned by Randi Brazil
Still, for me at least, this division was all about those beautiful older pieces...
Zip Zam Bam (Fraley/Minkiewicz) owned by Laura Keefer
by some of the hobby's most venerable artists.
Jemez Flint (Fraley) owned by Laura Keefer
And you know, I think these models are every bit as amazing today as they were fifteen years ago!  Thanks so much to Laura, Laurel, Peg, Randi and Dani for allowing me to share these pictures!


  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Bittersweet as some of these artists and showers are no longer with us. Those were the "good old days" of print magazines, SASEs, imagination and true live show surprises (never actually seeing your competition before).

    Things have certainly changed. And I was probably fighting bandwidth with you on the Model Horse Gallery :D.

  2. I have a "mystery" vintage custom. He's initialed and dated CD '97 and was purchased for a song in WI. He's a Classic-scale Arabian stallion, repainted black with two mapped socks and a star. He's not haired, but has been heavily resculpted with a new nose, ears, mane, tail, and stallion bits. He has a broken back leg that looks like it's been repaired more than once. He's in that grey area of being _almost_ LSQ but not quite.

  3. I love to see customs like this. You can tell great effort and attention to detail went into them, just as some of these artists (the ones still active) continue to do today. :)

  4. Wonderful old customs! I love seeing those.
    Is it just me or are there less new drastic remakes out there today? At least here in Germany I get the impression that there is a huge majority of horses being freshly finished that were "just" repainted or have just minor changes.

  5. Thanks for that delicious eye candy!

    In response to Ailanreanter - I think that is definitely the case. A few artist are still doing drastic customs (like the amazing Sue Kerns) but there are a lot more simple remakes out there. I think that is mostly because there are so many molds to choose from to suit your idea so it is easier to get what you want with fewer changes, and especially because the molds have become more accurate and realistic, so people see fewer things that "need" changing. But I do miss seeing so many amazing, creative drastic remakes!