Monday, January 31, 2011

Enjoying the cold

I am not a big fan of cold weather but it does have its benefits.  On days like today when the temperature never climbs above freezing, I am perfectly content to spend the entire work day in the studio.  Here's a look at how I used that time.

These girths will go with Marci and Erin's saddleseat saddles.  These look pretty simple but are surprisingly time consuming.  I find them much more difficult than a regular contour English girth.
Next up is Sophie's raffle halter.  I still need to find some ultra-fine chain for the throatlatch, but otherwise, it's ready to go.
Tomorrow's forecast high is four degrees so I expect that will be another productive day!


  1. So cold weather isn't all evil - I find that during the winter I do more with model horses than real ones, and the opposite when the weather turns warm!

    Hope it warms up there soon! Our nights here in OR lately have been in the 20's and 30's...brrr!!!

  2. I'm with ya - we're getting snow, though not nearly as bad as Chicago or Milwaukee. But I do admit, I'd like to have another snow day like with our blizzard last year to just stay home and work on stuff!! Love the girths!

  3. I love the cold or rainy days spent in the studio next to the space heater. But I am darn glad I'm not in Colorado where I hear temperatures have been pretty crazy.

    Maybe you have a source you like, but I like the Fine Chain sold my The World of Model Horse Collecting on Ebay. I use it for SMs and it works great, so it should be fine enough for your halter too. It comes in gold and silver -

  4. Ah, yes. This time of year there is a decided advantage to being a *model* horse owner!!

    Oh, baby, it's cold outside!

  5. Oh the halter looks Lovely, thanks soo much !!!
    i cant wait to receive it :)
    those girths look fab also!