Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday

Anyone who uses the term "psq" to refer to a model of slightly inferior quality obviously hasn't judged a MEPSA show recently.  Here are just a few of the resin beauties I had the privilege of judging in this month's Resin and Custom Qualifier.  Many thanks to Laurel, Jennifer, Randi and Emily for allowing me to share these pictures with all of you!
Smoke on the Water owned by Laurel Dedes
Atesh owned by Jennifer Floyd
BBF Barbossa owned by Emily Rodgers
BBF Storm Chaser owned by Emily Rodgers

Blue Amber owned by Laurel Dedes
Desert Pearl owned by Jennifer Floyd
Iaasaar owned by Laurel Dedes
Sabateri owned by Randi Brazil
Shaheen owned by Jennifer Floyd
Snowfire owned by Jennifer Floyd
Waheeda owned by Laurel Dedes
Zarif owned by Jennifer Floyd
Rhomeyo owned by Randi Brazil


  1. Wow, those are some seriously nice resins.

    I think that's all I can say, otherwise I'm speechless..

  2. What lovelies! I want that grulla Let Fly.

    I live show many horses that were sold to me as "PSQ" and they do just fine. So it's an incredibly relative term. And some judges aren't as anal as others (I've had a model not place because of a rub the size of a flea booger on his barrel under a couple of judges that champs under just about everyone else...).

  3. I remember seeing the grulla Let Fly (Smoke on the Water) listed on MH$P not once but TWICE. Both times I wanted her but both times I didn't have the necessary funds in my PayPal account. I'm glad she went to such a good home, but I still want her!

    I only posted pictures from people who specifically gave me permission. Unfortunately, not everyone did so you don't get to see the PARADE of SMB horses. Holy moly. We're talking some seriously nice models!

  4. I heard some people are getting concerned about their photo show photos getting stolen and used by mysterious someones who don't actually own the horse in the photo. An interesting hobby conundrum, no? I'd think it'd be easy to sort out, though- just say to both parties claiming the horse, "Yeah? Fine. Send me a photo of you holding the model."

    In other news, I always wanted to get into photo showing, but I have a point and shoot and the pictures are terrible, and I know nothing about cameras or photography. Oh, and I'm broke...

  5. Looks like you had a LOT of fun there Jennifer :)

  6. Oh wow! Good luck judging that!