Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Museum horses

Last week the boys and I visited the King Tut exhibit currently on display at the Denver Art Museum.
While we were there, I had planned to take pictures of the wonderful Nez Perce horse regalia that is usually on display in the American Indian collection.  Sadly, that exhibit was closed for remodeling.  We were, however, able to find a lot of nice horses in the Historic Western American Art collection.

The contemporary Western American Art collection also contained a few horse shaped objects...
As well as some hands on exhibits.  
James and I both made Western postcards.
This is mine.
According to the sign...
 Charlie Russell used these jointed models to help him with his art.
I don't know about you...
but I'm glad our hobby artists use more realistic reference material!
We all had a good time at the Museum.
I can't wait to go back when the American Indian exhibit reopens!


  1. Just wondering if you know the artist of the horse head sculpture. I've found that Deborah Butterfield does similar sculptures and I just love how she manages to capture the feel and anatomy of the real horse with weird objects!

    Christa H.

  2. That "Charlie Russell" was the inspiration for my son's name...

  3. Christa--I didn't make note of any artist names this time around. Usually I at least make an effort, but this was outing was more kid oriented than mama oriented.

    Regan--I never knew the inspiration behind Russell's name. Funny the things I get to learn in the comments section!

  4. If you're ever in Fort Worth again, go see the Sid Richardson museum downtown. Lots of Russell and Remington, and a Bohlin parade saddle!!

  5. I lived in Great Falls, MT for 14 years (high school freshman on up). It's where Charlie's homestead/the Charlie Russell Museum ( We could count on one or two field trips to the museum each school year. My parents had all sorts of CMR prints on their walls.

  6. One museum - the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum in Cody, WY - is all you ever need for western art. Bronzes and paintings and outdoor sculptures. All VERY yummy. Serious drool factor ... and their gun collection is incredible.

    And yes, they have a few parade saddles too... Bohlins too :D

    I do envy you Jennifer - I have been wanting to go see the Tut exhibit! (And the Khan exhibit....)

  7. Lynn, my husband lived in Montana as a child, and still has relatives in Billings. It was part of the inspiration for my suggesting the name, and thankfully we agreed pretty readily.

    Now if we had a girl, the fight was probably never going to end...