Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Drying out, cleaning up

The water mitigation people came and picked up their equipment, and the insurance guy came and took measurements and photos. There's nothing left to do right now except clean up the mess and wait. To that end, I've started tackling some of the oldest and wettest boxes. 

Most of these were filled with papers from my childhood. There are a lot of horse pictures. 
And when I say a lot...
what I mean is...
a ridiculous amount.
Apparently, I was writing a book about horse conformation?
This one is unfinished, but the subject matter is unmistakeable. That's Snickers and CB hanging out in the pony pasture at Siason.
The next three images are from a multi-page mural.
Shades of my early riding lessons.
And look! There's even a Breyer Old Timer in the mix. 
There's also a mix of school related papers...
and correspondence.
This is cute, but I have no idea who Lizzie is.
Finally, there's this card. My mom sent this to me when I was in college.
Um, thanks?
Well, that was an interesting trip down memory lane. I wonder what's in the next box?


  1. Your childhood drawings are so delightful! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. That riding school drawing, wow, that is fantastic! I feel like it should have been in a book.

    I already squee'd over the Old Timer drawing elsewhere, but please consider it resquee'd. Five year old me is doing little cartwheels of delight somewhere in my heart.

    1. The inclusion of Old Timer in this drawing is a bit of a mystery to me. While I admired my friend Sarah's (the author of the two air mailed letters) Old Timer, I didn't actually own one until 2015. Maybe is was wishful thinking?