Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Unnatural trail, part two

I live and ride in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, but most of my trail ride photos are filled with wildlife and wild places. 
The creek, the hawks, the coyotes and the deer are real, but they're not the whole story Today I'm sharing a few more of the "unnatural" attractions on our urban trails.
In part one of this series, I showed the ride from Kenlyn Stables to the Boy Scout Pavillion...
There are a couple ways back to the barn from here. You can drop down into the trees and follow the creek home. This way is wild and beautiful and full of critters.
Alternatively, you can splash through the creek...
and ride back on the Aurora Sports Park side.
The Aurora Sports Park is a two hundred and twenty acre site that boasts twelve baseball fields and twenty seven soccer fields. On weekends and during the summer, the roar of the parental crowds can be positively deafening. I've ridden past the throngs of soccer kids, but not often and never with my camera. You'll have to trust me when I say it is quite the experience! 
It's a lot quieter on weekdays during the school year. The only real hazards then are the coyote silhouettes...
and the giant lawnmowers!
This side of the creek is also home to a giant junkyard.
The junkyard is right next to one of the prettiest parts of the creek bed. I find the dichotomy between the green trees and the junked cars endlessly fascinating!
Once you pass the junkyard, it's over a little a bridge and back to the barn... unless of course you decide to bypass Kenlyn and head west and north towards the Morrison Nature Center.
This used to be a seasonal trail, but thanks to last year's trail construction, it's now an easy ride year round. Large sections of the trail are paved, including some...
of the bridges!
We also ride under two major streets--Airport Boulevard...
and Colfax Avenue.
It's a little spooky under the roads, but the horses usually handle it well.
Earlier this year, James and I rode this section of trails on July 5. The path was littered with glow stick wrappers and unused Pop-It's. You can't see them here, but they were going off under Sprite's hooves. Amazingly, she barely noticed. Such a brave girl!
I hope you've enjoyed this tour of the natural and unnatural sections of trail around Kenlyn Stables. I truly love this area and hope to continue riding and photographing it for years to come!


  1. Photo 5 is astonishing: what bird is that?
    A fantastic and thorough tour.

    1. That's an owl. He lives down in the trees and is a common sight for those who ride in the evenings. I'm mostly a morning rider, so I see him very rarely.