Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The pony problem

When I was nine years old, my mother decided that I had too many Breyer horses.  In an attempt to control further herd expansion, she announced that she would no longer finance my addiction.  If I wanted a new pony, I'd have to buy it with my own money--no exceptions.  

Fortunately she didn't harbor the same animosity towards my horse book collection.  Even though my bookcase was overflowing, I had no trouble persuading her to buy most of the horsey titles featured in the Scholastic flyers we brought home from school.  As a result, I have a pretty extensive library of horse themed literature from the late 1970's and early 1980's.

One of my favorite Scholastic titles was The Pony Problem by Barbara Holland.   
This is an odd little book about a girl who wins a pony in a magazine contest.   Much to her neighbors' dismay, the girl tries to keep the pony in her suburban backyard.  This works (sort of) for a little while, but eventually the girl and her family come together to find a better long term solution.  It involves moving into a house without plumbling, but hey, at least she gets to keep the pony!
Like the book's protagonist, I, too, have a pony problem.  
I am powerless to resist the lure of a project pony.  
I did not need to rescue this battered Wild Heather resin from MH$P.  I have so many model ponies, and half of them are unpainted.  It's unlikely that I will ever find the time to finish them all.  There is no excuse for this.  Except...
Just look at that cranky pony face!  She is totally adorable and there was no way I could pass her up.   And besides, model horses are easy keepers.  No one will be forced to forego plumbing on her account! 


  1. I love when you mention these old books!!!!!!!!!! I really was that exited!

    I well remember reading this book, I just couldn't remember the name.

    I still think of it anytime I eat homemade donuts. Yum...

    Thanks for solving yet another one of the mysteries that plague me.

  2. Fish donuts!

    I am so glad that there's someone else out there who read and loved the same books I did. This one is pretty obscure, but somehow I had the feeling you might recognize it. :)

  3. What a mean mother!

  4. My mom was the MEANEST! It's amazing I grew up so normal!


  5. Are you considered normal?

  6. I remember that book!!!! I had it at one stage, not long ago I read it, though I have no idea if I still have it, have a feeling I sold it...I was a bit like you, a couple years ago I was buying any book that remotely had anything horsey!! I had well over 150 books from second hand shops etc. managed to sell most of them now though!!

  7. I am still swimming in horse books as well, and while I don't have "Problem Pony," I DO have many other Scholastic titles! What fun I had poring over those flyers for anything with a horse on it.

    I am fortunate in that no moratorium was ever placed on my Breyer collecting as a kid. I think I just knew I didn't have any more room, plus I wanted my folks to spend their money on real horse riding lessons, show entry fees, 4-H dues and such. :-) Or maybe Gloria Vanderbilt jeans... LOL! (Actually, I had to buy the latter myself. That's where MY mom drew the line. "Why do you want those pants just because everyone else has them..." etc.)

  8. I would have a pony problem too, that is if I had the money to support it :) lol