Saturday, July 25, 2020

Riding Mozelle

Last December, my barn friend, Teresa, pulled two saddlebred mares out of a kill pen and brought them to Kenlyn. This one is Molly...
and this is Mozelle.
There's been a lot of rehab - especially with Molly - but both mares are thriving now. Recently, Teresa has started saddling Mozelle and taking her for walks. Mozelle has been extremely well behaved, but without knowing her history, Teresa's been a little hesitant to climb aboard. I guess I'm braver or stupider because I volunteered to do the honors. Today was Ride Mozelle day.
Based on her overall demeanor, I didn't expect fireworks, but you can never be too careful. Teresa held her while I mounted.
She was fine. 
Then she took me on a little pony ride. 
Mozelle was still fine. 
Next we decided to take off the training wheels. 
Mozelle was still fine. 
"Good girl, Mozelle." 
That was really fun. Next time I hope Teresa rides her, too!


  1. Those horse are gorgeous!I'm really impressed with your bravery. I am not that girl, lol!

    1. I've been watching this mare for months, and I was 99% certain today's ride was going to be exactly like it was. Everything about Mozelle indicated she's a well broke horse who fell on hard times for reasons that were not her fault. I am less sure about Molly. I'm going to let Aggie or Mia take the first ride on that one!

  2. Beautiful faces! I was born into a Saddlebred family and have purchased a lot of cheap sale horses in my day. There aren't too many that are truly dangerous to ride. The most common "flaw" is to get one that is such an over achiever that they are frantic to please you. And that can drive you nuts because they have such high expectations of the riding experience that they keep on trying the next neat thing they know that humans like in such rapid succession that in five minutes you are both wringing wet and exhausted. But those are both honest and serene faces. So glad they were rescued.

  3. So beautiful.. Glad they were saved. Looking over at my Five-Gaiter conga right now ❤️��❤️ closest I will ever get to owning real one. ❤️��❤️