Thursday, July 30, 2020

Zoo day

It's not just model horse shows that I'm avoiding. Since the pandemic started, I have given up all forms of indoor socializing. Curbside pickup, driveway visits and take out meals have become a way of life. I miss doing things the old way, but right now, it's better to be safe than sorry.
Fortunately, outdoor activities carry less risk. I go to the barn several times a week, and earlier this month, Mary Jo and I visited the Denver Zoo.
The zoo was closed during the early months of the pandemic and only recently reopened with lots of new safety measures in place.
Tickets are sold in advance to members only, and visitor entry is carefully metered to prevent large crowds.
Masks are required...
and social distancing signs are everywhere.
This one is for Sandra.
Popular viewing areas had additional signs...
and were broken up with straw bales.
Visitor compliance was monitored throughout the zoo by employees seated on life guard chairs. These were donated by Water World, which is closed for the year.
Although most of the extra attractions, like the train and carousel, are closed, refreshments are available throughout the zoo.
Mary Jo and I did enjoy a nice, socially distanced drink.
All the tables have signs that let you know if they're safe to use.
I really appreciate all the work the Denver Zoo has done to keep its visitors - and inhabitants - safe. There aren't a lot of places I am willing to go right now, but I would happily visit the zoo again and again!
P.S. I actually took some animal pictures, too!

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