Monday, July 20, 2020


I was scrolling through Facebook a couple weeks ago, when I spied a photo of a gorgeous assortment of model cats on Sara Bowman's page.
It was love at first sight, so I sent her a message asking where she'd found them.
Since I know you wondering the same thing, here's the scoop. These are Cats of Osamu Moriguchi by Art in the Pocket. They come from Japan and are available from various eBay sellers.
Their size is a little bit on the big side of 1:9 scale spectrum, but they fit in just fine with their larger Breyer, Schleich and Mojo counterparts.
The timing of this purchase was fortuitous, because I just recently purchased one of Nichelle Jones' miniature cat accessories sets.
And since I don't do anything halfway, I'd also put together most of her cat printables.
I made the package of cat litter a little bigger because I have so many cats. Even this is not nearly enough.
The only things I didn't make were the cat food cans. Those were kind of fiddly, plus I already had these big cans in my cat stash.
Here's a look at (most of) the cat stash.
Thank you for the heads up, Sara. These are really nice cats! Thank you also to Nichelle, for supplying these nice cats with food and other essentials.


  1. I will definitely check out these cats! I am always on the lookout for 1:9 scale props/ animals!

  2. This is sooo PURRfect!!!! Love it!!!

  3. Your tuxedo cat model reminds me a bit of my own sweet boy, but then all tuxedos seem to look the same at first glance. It's when you really check them out that you see all the differences that make each one unique.

  4. The right cats for the allergic, and plenty of them.

  5. I look for gachapon cats like this whenever I'm in Tokyo. The eBay markup is crazy, though! These would be the equivalent of $3-4 each straight from the machines.