Sunday, July 5, 2020

BF shopping guide: Kristen Taylor

The next featured BreyerFest seller is Kristen Taylor of Blue Mountain Stable.
Kristen got started in the hobby in 2001 and focuses primarily on customizing with epoxy, airbrushed acrylics and mixed media, particularly in mini scales. Her customs have had great success in the show ring, and under the name Blue Mountain Stable, she is active on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube
Kristen's 2020 BreyerFest offerings three prepped and primed Breyer stablemates with re-sculpted hair, repositioning and new details. These are ready to paint and have her name and year carved into their bellies. 
The first is a G1 Arabian Stallion with a straightened neck, new mane and tail, new ears, new muzzles, refined eyes, sculpted chestnuts, resculpted and leveled hooves, and stallion parts added.
Next up is a Rivet converted into a Criollo, with new roached mane and tail, new ears and sculpted chestnuts.
Finally, the performance showers' special: A Django with two interchangeable manes that attach with magnets, a new neck, new ears, pooky lip, tail extension, and sculpted chestnuts.
All three models will be sold via a best offer system, with starting bids of $75.
Kristen's BreyerFest sale will start on July 10 on the Model Horse Sales Pages platform, with the offer period ending at 4pm MST on July 12. Please visit her website  after the 10th for links to her ads.
Thank you, Kristen, for allowing me to share your BreyerFest preview, and good luck at BreyerFest!

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