Thursday, July 9, 2020

BF shopping guide: Vincent Lange

The next featured BreyerFest seller is Vincent Lange of da Vinci Creations.
Vincent is one of the hobby's most creative and exciting young artists. He says: My goal is to portray horses as art, which means a lot of times I am going into the extreme with my customs, pushing the limits of gravity and merging model horses and modern art. I often seek for creative ideas and artistic freedom rather than 100% anatomical correctness. I always hope for my customs and resins to have a soul and story.
Vincent is debuting a new resin at this year's BreyerFest. She is Tiara - the second in his Cobra Mares Series. This Little Bit/Schleich (1:24) scale PRE mare has a roached mane, shaved tail top and a collar. She also carries the brand mark for "da Vinci Creations". Tiara is limited to thirty pieces.
The Breyerfest special price for Tiara is only $115 / 105€ (only valid through Breyerfest weekend) + shipping. She will be available on Vincent's website Thursday July 9 at 6 pm German time, and her presale price is only valid until Sunday the 12th of July. After that, she will cost $130 / 120€.
Vincent is also selling some older repaints and customs from his personal collection.
He will take offers on these customs from Friday July 10 though Sunday July 12.
Please visit Vincent's website to see all his offerings!
Thank you, Vincent, for sharing this sales preview. I hope you keep pushing the boundaries of the model horse hobby for years to come!

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