Monday, July 6, 2020

BF shopping guide: Darynn Bednarczyk

The next featured BreyerFest seller is Darynn Bednarczyk of DeeJayBe Studios.
Darynn is one of the hobby's big young talents. She started DeeJayBe Studios in 2017, and has been completely immersed in the hobby ever since. She writes: With my traditional art background it was a seamless transition. I have a passion for all aspects of the hobby including painting, sculpting, collecting and live showing. I enjoy drastic customizing as well as painting with airbrush and pastel. I love sharing knowledge on my YouTube channel and posting frequently on Instagram and Facebook. Breyerfest 2020 was supposed to be my first Breyerfest experience, but with its transition to an online format I thought I would share a little bit of DeeJayBe Studios with everyone. 
Darynn's BreyerFest offerings include four traditional scale custom Breyers,
three custom minis,
a painted micro...
and a painted Atticus medallion, which was also sculpted by her.
Two of the big customs, the Micronaught and the medallion will be sold via an offers system. 
 This one has a Buy it Now price of $500.
The plastic mins are also first come/first serve, with prices ranging from $80 to $175.
Darynn's sale will start Thursday July 9 at 9 AM MST, with offers ending Sunday July 12 at 8 PM MST. The models will be listed on Model Horse Sales Pages. Links to their ads and more photos can be found on Darynn's website

Thank you for letting me share your sales preview, Darryn. That's a great looking group of horses!

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