Thursday, July 9, 2020

BF shopping guide: Elżbieta Zarzecka

The next featured BreyerFest seller is Elżbieta Zarzecka of MetalfishArt.
I asked each seller to tell me a little about themselves, and Ela's response made me giggle. She wrote: I'm Ela from Poland, and I'm always unprepared and late. I'm known from dapple grays (I think?). Ha ha. That may be true, but I think it's fair to say that Ela is one of the hobby's top finishwork artists, and I'm not just talking paint. Her prepping is absolutely meticulous, and her hairing makes me want to own haired models.
Ela's primary BreyerFest offering is a painted Levi resin. She will also have a few medallions and a customized Gigi available some time after BreyerFest.
Levi is up on offers right now on Model Horse Sales Pages. His starting bid is $1000, and the offer period ends Monday July 12.
Congratulations on creating another gorgeous model, Ela. I hope you have a wonderful BreyerFest in Poland!

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