Thursday, July 9, 2020

BreyerFest shopping guide: Janina Arndt

The next featured BreyerFest seller is Janina Arndt of Rostagno Arts .
Janina is from Germany. She describes her hobby history this way: When I was five years old my grandparents gave me my first modelhorse. Some years later I discovered the field of tackmaking, went to my first live shows and met amazing collectors and artists. I fell in love with haired models and I wanted to try out hairing and the whole process of customizing. That's how everything started. My love for the haired models has increased during the years, and now I am mostly focused on creating haired models in Traditional or one sixth scale.
Janina is only selling one horse for BreyerFest this year. "Ashkii's Curse" started as a Breyer Minstrel and has been painted with acrylics, oils, pastels and pigments to a richly shaded bay Paint Horse. He has been haired - he even has eyelashes! -  and wears metal shoes.
Ashkii is currently up for offers on Model Horse Sales Pages. The offer period runs through Sunday July 12 at 10 PM CEST, and his starting bid is 750€, which includes worldwide shipping with full insurance and tracking.
Congratulations on creating a beautiful model, Janina. I hope you have a fabulous BreyerFest!

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