Friday, July 3, 2020

BF shopping guide: Anne Field

Today's first featured BreyerFest seller is Anne Field of Field of Dolls Studio.
In addition to being one of my favorite people, Anne is also one of the hobby's premier doll makers.
Anne started sewing when she was five, and has been making dolls for the model horse hobby since 2006.
Since then, she has created nearly fourteen hundred dolls.
She will be selling thirty two of them during her BreyerFest Live Sale.
But that's not all! She will also be selling doll accessories, including cross country kits, 
and more chaps! 
Other offerings include saddle blankets,
 and "saddlebag stuff." Anne does not take orders for her saddlebags or saddlebag stuff. If you want a set, you need to attend her live sale.
The sale is happening Sunday July 5th 2:00pm EDT on the Field of Dolls Studio Facebook page. All items are offered first come first serve, and prices range from $15 to $225. Anne's live sales are a lot of fun. I will definitely be tuning in and hope to see you there!

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  1. I will also again have trivia and prizes! Jennifer is amazing and put some of the answers in this post even without me telling her the questions :)