Tuesday, July 7, 2020

BF shopping guide: Danielle Feldman

The next featured BreyerFest seller is Danielle Feldman of Feldman Studio.
Although one of the hobby's top talents, Danielle has been flying under the radar in recent years. She explains: I’ve been customizing and showing in the hobby for 30+ years. I’m a Mom and have a demanding job as a CPA in Big 4 accounting, so haven’t had much time to create for others in recent years. The combination of NaMoPaiMo and Mares In Black has really helped me get more connected to the hobby again; thanks Jennifer and the Mares!
I paint in a variety of mediums, including traditional pastels, Pan Pastels, earth pigments, pearl ex, charcoal, and hand painted and airbrushed acrylics. Each piece is lovingly created with materials that are meant to last and have been sealed for protection. I have always loved horses and art, so customizing model horses is a natural creative outlet. Seeing others enjoy my work brings me joy!
Danielle's BreyerFest offerings include a mix of micros and medallions. Prices range from $75-300 for finished pieces. Her sale begins Friday July 10 at 4 PM EDT. Everything will be listed on Model Horse Place with special BreyerFest Buy-it-Now pricing and free USA shipping!

Thank you for letting me share yours sales preview, Danielle. I am so glad the Mares and I have helped keep you involved!

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  1. Thank you Jennifer! Hope you have a fantastic Breyerfest!