Saturday, July 4, 2020

BF shopping guide: Hannah Mahardy

Today's first featured BreyerFest seller is Hannah Mahardy of Burning Embers Studio.
Hannah has been collecting horse-shaped-objects since she received a My Little Pony for her second birthday. She discovered the hobby and performance showing in 2015 and credits a 'Stupid Halter' post on the this blog for drawing her in. She began making tack for Schleichs, then moved to Stablemate scale. Burning Embers Studio was created in 2016, and strives to create quality mini-scale tack for the purpose of performance showing. 
Hannah's BreyerFest offerings include a wide variety of Stablemate scale (1:32) tack items including stable halters, foal halters, sport/jumping boots, a draft presentation set, an upper-level dressage set, a Western pleasure set, a draft working harness and a blanket and halter set. She will also have two customized stable warmbloods. One is a repaint only, the other has a new tail.
 Most items fall in the $50 and under price range, with a few being a little higher. 
Similarly, most items are fixed price, first come/first serve, but Hanna will be accepting offers on some pieces.
The Burning Embers Studio BreyerFest sale starts July 6 at 2 PM EDT, and runs through July 13. To access the sale, please visit Hannah's Model Horse Place store.
Thank you, Hannah. I am so glad you stumbled across the Braymere blog all those years ago. Your tack is gorgeous, and I hope you have a fantastic BreyerFest!


  1. That tack looks so hard to make! It's already hard to make tack in the traditional scale but in stablemates? I could never do that! I will defiantly look at your sale, Hannah.

  2. I'm impressed! Hannah, your tack is absolutely amazing.