Monday, July 6, 2020

BF shopping guide: Kelly Sealey

The nezt featured BreyerFest seller is Kelly Sealey of Kelly's Studio.
Kelly is a British artist who sculpts both in clay and in 3D software. For this year's BreyerFest, she has created a limited edition 3D printed stablemate scale unicorn with chain.
Thistledew is priced at £100 (about $125) and will be sold on a first come/first served basis.
This fifty piece edition, will be available on Kelly's website over the three days of BreyerFest, with some offered Friday evening UK time (early PM US time), some Saturday early afternoon UK time (morning US time) and some Sunday early afternoon.  Exact timings will be published on Kelly's Facebook page and Instagram feed. Thank you for letting me share your sales preview, Kelly, and good luck at this year's BreyerFest!

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  1. Thank you so much Jennifer, have a great Breyerfest!