Sunday, July 5, 2020

BF shopping guide: Nikki Button

Today's first featured BreyerFest seller is Nikki Button of Realistic Equine Art by Nikki Button.
Nikki is one of the model horse hobby's premier finishwork artists, so it's not surprise that her BreyerFest offerings are mostly painted pieces.
There's a Sarah Rose Andre resin,
a brand new mini Croi,
a Sarah Rose Reveler resin,
a whole herd of micro mini resins and pewters...
these three!!!...
and a couple medallions.
Additionally, she will have six unpainted Cinnamon and Nutmeg medallions...
and four copies of her 2020 calendar.
Nikki's sale will begin Thursday July 9 at 5 PM ESTA on her website. Plus one traditional sized piece will be placed up for offers through Saturday evening. All items are fixed price, first come/first serve except for the Andre, who will be sold via an offers system. Prices on the painted pieces range from $300 to $950. Unpainted medallions are $60 and calendars are $12. Because of the anticipated demand, Nikki suggest using a computer to complete your purchase, as PayPal buttons can be unreliable on mobile devices.
Congratulations on creating another outstanding group of BreyerFest horses, Nikki. I can't wait to see how quickly they sell out!

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  1. Hello...what's the price of brand new mini Croi...if I want to purchase