Thursday, December 17, 2015

Stupid halter

When I show non-hobby people my tack, they often say, "It looks so real!"

I know that's a compliment, so I usually respond with a thank you, but in my mind, I'm saying, "It is real. Just small."

That "real" factor is very important to me. As much as possible, I want my tack to look, feel and work like its full size counterparts. I want the parts that don't show to be as nice as the parts that do, and I want things to attach with buckles not velcro or sticky wax.

I consider this a stupid halter.
It looks okay when it's on the pony.
I still don't like it...
but I suppose it's good enough. 
On to the next! Hopefully that one will be a little less stupid.


  1. Forelocks... the bane of model tackmakers everywhere! For the record though, that halter is positively adorable on the pony.

  2. I can relate. I have to cut the straps on a bridle I made for the Breyer Icelandic because of its mane and I really don't want to because then it's not as realistic. Darn those wild Moody manes.

  3. Might be a stupid halter, but a stupid halter that looks great on the horse!