Thursday, April 30, 2020

Today's photos

Today is the last day of April and the last day for both the April and Shelter & Share Photo Challenges. I can't believe I made it to the end!

The last prompt for Lauren Hoeffer's April Photo Challenge was "Good Hair." I own one haired model, so this seemed like the perfect slot for him. Except...
I've never styled a mohair mane or tail so I followed the directions in Jennifer Kroll's hairing tutorial. It was trickier than I'd expected, but I am so pleased with the results. Champagne Toast looks like a brand new, twenty five year old horse!
Here's the official "Good Hair" photo.
The final prompt for the Wellman sisters' Shelter & Share Photo Challenge was "Herd Hoard." I have always wanted to set up an overfilled, messy hobby room, and now I finally have.
And because the word "hoard" always makes me think of the television show, Hoarders: Buried Alive, I extended my room to make that happen, too.
Here is a picture collage for the April Photo Challenge.
And another for the Shelter & Share Photo Challenge.
Which one is your favorite?


  1. I think I like the shelter and share photos more

  2. I may be a bit biased, in favor of the photos you posted for my Photo Challenge... but I have to say... thank you for committing to both! <3

    I loved every single post you made! Many of them were a heck of a lot more creative than I ever even thought they could be. ^.^

    Thank you for brightening up my days too! <3

  3. I will miss seeing what fun pictures you've come up with each day. It has been so much fun following along and seeing what you make of the prompts. My favourite pictures are the "Netflix and Chill" and "Spring Scene". But all of them are really good <3

  4. They're all wonderfully creative, but as a collection I think I like the April Photo Challenge collage best. Some of my favourite individual photos are from the Shelter & Share group, though.

  5. I can´t pick just one favorite. Here´s my top six instead, in no particular order: Spring Scene, Foal, Silly Horse, Netflix & Chill and What are you up to?

    Seeing your photos every day has been something to look forward to. Thank you for doing this!

  6. "Stars" with a close second place for "Toke'n Green" These gave me one more thing to look forward to daily! So much fun!

  7. I can't pick a favorite, all these photos were a lot of fun!

  8. Token green is my favorite.

  9. I LOVE the Hobby Hoard buried alive!

  10. Very tough choice. I like Netflix & Chill, yet there are many other greats: Siblings, Quarantine Quandry, Spring Scene and Favorite Artist. I loved them all!

  11. This has been epic! Loved every photo.