Friday, April 3, 2020

Today's photos

That pony - who is almost ready for paint - was featured prominently in today's entry for Lauren Hoeffer's April Photo Challenge.
The prompt was "Chestnut or bay," so I photographed her standing on a pile of Carol Williams' chestnut and bay color formula cards.
I thought that was kind of clever, but also ironic, since she's almost certainly going to be neither chestnut or bay!
Today's prompt for the Shelter & Share Photo Challenge was "First Model." This one was pretty straight forward, since my first model - a Breyer Clydesdale foal named Braymere - is still in my possession.
I made things a little more interesting by photographing him with his "sister," Rubber, on a pile of old Bray family photos. I took a similar photo of them in 2011, but I like this one much better.
Tomorrow's prompts are "Foal" and "Caturday." I bet you can guess which one I'm most excited about!

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