Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Today's photos

One of the only things I don't like about photo challenges is that inevitably they ask you to pick some favorites... And I really do not like picking favorites! When I look at my shelves, I don't see a single favorite. Instead, I see a whole herd of them! Narrowing it down to just one seems random, arbitrary and impossible.

Today's prompt for the Shelter & Share Photo Challenge was "Favorite clinky." There were a lot of ways I could have gone with this, but after a lot of consideration, I decided that my favorite - at least for today! - is my Beswick Highland, Balmoral Duncan.

When I was in junior high school, my best friend's dad was a biographer specializing in sixteenth century explorers. In order for him to properly research his subjects, Sarah's family made several long trips to Europe. She came home from the first one with a Beswick catalog, and we wore out its pages sighing over all the beautiful horses. Before she left the second time, I scraped together all my babysitting money and asked her to buy me a Beswick.

I was expecting a bay race horse, but what I got was a yellow pony.

I like ponies, but I really had my heart set on a race horse. It took a while for me to get over my disappointment, but eventually this little guy won me over. He was the pride of my 1990's show string, and in all the years I've owned him, he has never lived in a box. He has a permanent place of honor on my shelf.

So okay, I guess he's my favorite clinky.

The prompt for the April photo Challenge was "Buckskin or Palomino?" Clearly the answer to that is Both! so that's what I went with.
Here's the full body view. Princess Trillium and Llwynog Copr look so cute together!
That's it for today!

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