Friday, April 10, 2020

Today's photos

Today is National Siblings Day so the prompt for Lauren Hoeffer's April Photo Challenge was Siblings! My photo includes two chestnut Eberl Quarter resins painted by Pat Hefty, two Breyer dolls dressed by Darla Curtis and two original finish Australian Shepherd resins.
Today is also Kirsten Wellman's birthday, so naturally, the prompt for the Shelter & Share Photo Challenge was "Birthday Gift Model." I could have done something with a model that actually was a birthday gift, but instead I went with a pretty generic party entry.
Happy siblings day, Colleen and Erin! Happy birthday, Kirsten!


  1. I NEED to see that Breyer box larger. Is that really a teeny tiny horse and rider gift set???

  2. It is! You can see more pictures in this post.