Monday, April 20, 2020

Today's photos

Over the years, I have made a lot of 1:9 scale holiday props.
So many! 
Bet even though I have lived in Denver for more than twenty years, it never occurred to me to celebrate 420 with my horses.... Until now!
Thank you, Wellman sisters. This one is for you!
That's a hard act to follow, but here's Hot Summer Knight fulfilling the April Photo Challenge's "Morgan" prompt.
And  now I am two thirds of the way through these photo challenges. Forty photos down, twenty to go!


  1. Jennifer, your set ups and photos are the eighth wonder of the modern world - love ya!!!

  2. Everyone should have miniature pot brownies.

  3. Love the holiday themed photos! Did you make the mini plastic eggs?

    1. They're just little eggs of polymer clay - literally the easiest prop to make ever.

    2. I am duly impressed! They look so realistic!