Thursday, November 12, 2015


In my heart of hearts, I secretly believe that all the Purdy horses should belong to me. 
Today, I came one step closer to that goal, except my newest Purdy pony is so old he predates the Purdy name!
Meet Champagne Toast. He was a surprise gift from Lynn Isenbarger.
The note accompanying tells his story: When Craig was teaching at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois, I held three live shows, Lincoln Land I, II and III in the early 1990's. Entries were arriving for Lincoln Land II when I got a call from a girl named Tiffany. She asked about model showing and said she was interested in attending a show and seeing what it was all about. I invited her to come join us, and she did.
It may have been her first live show, but she had wonderful entries! Her packing boxes were neat, too; I still remember a round, pink box with leopard print. Tiffany attended both Lincoln Land II and III, bringing this horse to Lincoln Land III. I fell in love with him, and ended up purchasing him. 
I am in the process of downsizing and, aside from this TWH and a few 1970's pieces from Sherry Cook, I really don't collect customs. I spent some time thinking about who might appreciate him, and you came to mind. Please feel free to what you want with him--keep him, pass him on, etc. Regardless, I hope he brings a smile to your face.
Thank you so much, Lynn. I love my new pre-Purdy pony. He definitely won't be passed along!

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  1. I remember Tiffany Corwell from live shows in 95-96.Love her work and have a calf done by her from then.