Friday, April 24, 2020

Not-so-little pick me ups

Earlier this year, I did some shopping for my Dutch friend, Anne van der Weel, at the BreyerWest swap meet
A month later, she returned the favor. 
Look at all this great stuff she bought for me!
The saddles are flat out amazing.
Steffi Honrath is one of the very best tack makers in the hobby today. The shapes and proportions of her saddles are spot-on, and her workmanship is first rate.
Here's the full set...
And a close up of the bridle.
The Iberian saddle is even more impressive. 
I am blown away by the simple elegance of this. The shapes and details are just perfect. It's so much better than any Iberian saddle I ever made. 
And look at how well it fits!
 It is so hard to make model saddles that fit like this. It's just... perfect.
In addition to saddles, Steffi also makes beautiful sewn goods.  
Anne bought me three of her stable blankets. 
Again, I really appreciate the proportions, workmanship and fit. 
I got a pile of pads...
and a few pieces of doll clothes, including my Earth Day doll's shirt and hoodie.
Thank you, Anne and Steffi. I love everything so much!


  1. You're welcome! If some of my sales horses has sold that day I'd have gotten a saddle for myself as well. Instead I bought a halter, which is also perfectly made.

  2. Wow, the detail!

  3. I wasn't familiar with Steffi's work. Apparently I've been missing out!

  4. That Iberian!! I love your whole set up with it. Lovely!! Kim from WI :)

  5. Not Fred looks amazing in that saddle!
    And I love the blankets.

  6. I love the detail on the saddles and the blanket look great also.

  7. The iberian set is perfect. Congrats!

  8. Fred looks lovley in his new clothes!

  9. Fab saddles and I love the unusual blankets. So much talent in our hobby!