Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Almost wordless Wednesday

Yesterday the United States recorded its one millionth confirmed case of Covid-19. It's a grim milestone. Here in Colorado, we've had some fourteen thousand confirmed cases and seven hundred thirty six deaths. The statewide Stay at Home order expired Monday, but was extended by most of the Denver metro counties, including Arapahoe where I live. It's a strange time to be alive, and today's almost wordless post is a snapshot of Buxton style quarantine life.
Online work
Online school
Online dating
Curbside senior award ceremony, part one
Curbside senior award ceremony, part two
Curbside senior award ceremony, part three
Curbside senior award ceremony, part four
New job id photo
Isolation Easter cookies
Isolation Easter dog biscuits
Isolation Easter dog
Sunset dog walk
Sunset dog walker
Sunset dog
Sidewalk dogs
Dog naps
Tony the mafioso squirrel with a bullet hole through his ear
Big, dumb Todd
Smart little Jeanette
Pandemic shopping
Pandemic spacing
Pandemic signage
More pandemic signage
Empty shelves
Best find
No drinking


  1. Hey Jennifer!

    Even YOU have to admit that this is one of the *funniest* blog post you've made!!
    CONGRADULATIONS to James for his award! That sunset is *beautiful*!!
    OOOOOOOO----Easter Cookies!!! YUM!!!
    O MY GOSH!! Is that *real* COTTONELLE???!!! We're doing *good* if we even see toilet paper on our shelves --even NOW!! And you have Cottonelle?? (I should have had you grab me some! That's my favorite brand!)
    Haha! You guys name your squirrels?? (that black one is neat!) OK--that does it! You've been confined too long!
    Here's my "fake" Dr. recommendation--Be sure to go horse back riding! (errrr-only after they lift these lastest restrictions!)
    Keep SAFE!!

  2. Is that a stegotoad in the photo with Todd?

    1. I think he's called a Jurassic toad? He was part of my judging gift bag from A Midwinter Night's Ball.

  3. We have squirrels that think our yard is lava. They will walk along the top of the (short) fence in the yard. I can't tell if it's one or several. I am apparently not a good squirrel watcher (yet...)

    1. Seth started leaving food for them outside our windows, and now the squirrel show is a daily event.