Monday, April 6, 2020

Today's photos

Time passes slowly when you're stuck at home. 
Dog walks are just about my only escape.
Never have I appreciated my girls more.
It's not just me. I think everyone is appreciating their animals right now, so it's no surprise that today's prompt for the Shelter and Share Photo Challenge was all about pets and the hobby. 
Darcy is my go-to dog for photo shoots, but she let me know that this one was not okay.
So I moved on to Emma. 
She was surprisingly cooperative. 
She looks a little snarly in some of these pictures, but that's only because it's hard to eat dog biscuits with a saddle on your nose.
Here's the official photo. 
The prompt for the April Photo Challenge was Schleich/CollectA. 
That's it for today!


  1. Oh, Emma! What a wonderful set of pictures!

  2. "It's hard to eat biscuits with a saddle on your nose " is the funniest sentence I have heard in weeks! It is so Good to have a minute to catch up with your blog! Thanks for all the photos!