Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Hairing a model, part three

Here's the third installment of Jennifer Kroll's hairing tutorial. Thank you, Jen!

Hairing a Model Horse, Part Three: Styling

by Jennifer Kroll

Now that the hair is on the horse and the glue is set, it's time for styling! I use a soft bristled tooth brush and watered down Aussie styling gel (approximately a 3:1 gel to water ratio). I usually put a bit of plastic wrap under the mane while I work to protect the horse's finish. I forgot this time - oops! - but no harm was done.
Here the mane is dampened and ready for trimming. I trim it with the scissors held at an angle and not straight across. This gives it a more natural edge.
Here it is after trimming.
Next, I trim the forelock.
I give it a V shape for a more natural taper.
I sweep the forelock off to one side. This horse is walking, so the mane needs to flow backwards slightly.
Then I do the same with the tail. Loose bits of mohair will fall out. Don't be alarmed.
After the hair dries,  I brush it lightly with a dry toothbrush to tease it out a little, and put the final touch on the way it drapes.
Finally, use a razor blade and pair of tweezers to trim any hairs that are out of place. Now it's finished!
Here are a few more haired models by Jennifer Kroll.
Thank you again, Jen, for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

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