Friday, April 17, 2020


The day after I came home from Europe, I unpacked my bags, put all my new European souvenirs on the table and took a photo. The plan was to write a post about my new things  before the NaMoPaiMo craziness took over.
I would have done it, too, except then I realized that I didn't actually have all my European souvenirs. I'd run out of room in my suitcase and had to send some of them home by mail. 

"That's okay," I told myself. "I'll wait until they get here and then take the official Euroswag photo." 

And you know, that might have happened, if all that NaMoPaiMo craziness hadn't taken over.

So now it's been almost three months. Most of the stuff has long been put away, and it's clear the comprehensive group photo isn't going to happen. Still, in the spirit of better late than never, I'd like to share some photos of my European additions.

This first group includes some of the gifts I received from the Dutch and German hobbyists. The two resin ponies are Dotty, sculpted by Ilona Himmelmann and Wilga, sculpted by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko. Anna also gave me the Limpuu cat resin, which I painted during NaMoPaiMo. The mini Gustav and Phryso medallion are courtesy of my friend, Kim Brandner, who also sculpted Phryso. The dog resin and saddle blanket came from Dora Duftschmied of Bushy Tail Creations, and the gorgeous Arabian halter was made by Amy de Waal. Sanne Grandjean made Wilga's halter.

Charlotte Pijnenburg gave me a dog...
and Tamzyn Revolta gave me one of her adorable cats.
Wren's adorable pink blanket was made by - I think! - Sanne Grandjean. The wooden shoes were bought at the Dutch Flower Market in Amsterdam.
I tried to buy 1:9 scale souvenirs in every country I visited. It was easy in the Netherlands. In addition to the wooden shoes, I also got this amazing bike.
I actually bought two Dutch bikes, but the other one didn't make it back to Colorado in one piece. So sad.
My French souvenirs consist of a picnic basket and several bottles of wine. These came from a street vendor outside the Louvre. 
I loved Belgium, but the Brussels gift shops left a lot to be desired, at least in regards to my favorite scale. The best I could do was this tiny copy of the Manneken Pis
My German goodies include a nifty trunk, 
a funny pig...
and the cutest little horse and container.
These came from a fancy toy store in Stuttgart. The horse makes a perfect plush toy for my pony kids... 
and the container will be a whip holder for the 1:9 scale tack room I'm going to build someday.
I know I've missed a few things, but this should be most of it. I am so glad I went to Europe when I did, and I will forever cherish these small reminders of a time that already seems so long ago.


  1. A small addition to the information, since it's lacking in the post (Perhaps it could be changed yet?) Wilga was sculpted in collaborarion by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko (Horse and bird), Lea K. Magga (Koni Miniatures) and Aleksander Freda (Dark Pegasus Studio). Also Limppu is a creation of Koni Miniatures. :)

  2. I am very jealous of your 1:9 scale bicycle!

  3. I found some 1:10 scale bikes on eBay - nothing cool like the Holland souvenier (glad that was the one that didn't break?!), but might make a decent replacement for the broken one. Just search for 1:10 bike - there are tons!