Monday, December 23, 2013

Fjabian's fjabulous Fjord

A fjew days ago, my fjriend, Fjabian, bought a Norwegian Fjord named Cisco.
I love Fjords, so I immediately invited myself over fjor a visit.  Fjortunately, Fjabian didn't take offjense.  In fjact, his exact words were, "Bring your saddle."
Although I'd seen several pictures of Cisco on Fjacebook, I was unprepared for his extreme fjluffy cuteness.  Look at that fjace!  Look at that fjorelock!
Although he's a drafjty little guy, standing just fjourteen one or fjourteen two hands high, Cisco's a surprisingly fjluid mover.  We worked him a little,  
saddled him up, 
and worked him a little more.
Then--fjinally!--it was time fjor me to climb aboard. 
Cisco has more experience as a driving horse than a riding horse, so he fjeels a little green under saddle.  We worked on stopping and starting and changing directions.  He's a good minded horse and caught on quickly.
I haven't ridden in ages, and it fjelt so good to be sitting on his broad little back! 
I would have happily stayed there fjorever, but I also wanted to see Fjabian ride him.
Can you believe this is the fjirst time Fjabian's ever ridden English? 
He and Cisco look fjantastic together! 
Afjter they were fjinished, we swapped the saddle for a bareback pad and I climbed on again. 
Bareback trotting on a Fjord:  it's almost the most fjun thing I've ever done!
Thank you so much fjor sharing Cisco with me today, Fjabian!  I had a great time and I look fjorward to seeing a lot more of you and your fjabulous pony in the fjuture! 
P.S.  Erin Corbett told me that if today's blog post included ten "FJ" words, she would make me something special.  As you can see, I more than doubled that.  That means I get a saddle fjit fjor a Fjord, right?


  1. Wow! You have fjantastic posture on that Fjord for not haven ridden in a while! And so does Fjabian!

    1. hehe, I meant having, not haven. I guess I got that wrong because my sister (named haven) was talking to me as I posted this!

  2. Congrats to your fjriend Fjabian and his new fjord Cisco! He looks like a fjriendly pony and very fjluffy. It's good to see you in the saddle again. :)

  3. I had fjun reading your fjirst Fjord fjeature!

  4. Fjor the record, I think Erin should make a piece ofj tack fjor everyone who writes a comment with multiple FJ words. That would be fjun!

  5. JENNIFER, I'm shouting! You told me you wouldn't ride until your birthday! GET OFF THAT HORSE!

    1. LOL ,jenn you know what mothers ALWAYS SAY”MOTHER knows best”


  6. Sorry, Mom, I fjorgot to tell you that my birthday was early this year. I turned fjorty fjive on Fjriday so today I got to ride a pony!


  7. That is so adorable! I fjust adore fjlufy fjords! They are so fjantastic! Fjabian is very lucky to have such a fjantasticly fjun and fjluffy fjord!!

    It's my DREEEEEAM to own a Fjord. Congrats on getting to ride! Fjeels good huh?

    Have a wonderfjul Christmas Jenn!

  8. He's a beauty, I love fjords (might be a little biased since I have one myself but look at that face!) How can you not love them? :)

  9. What a fjuzzy fjace!

  10. Fjor the record, I don't think I said MAKE something, I think I said INCLUDE something... but I'll sjee what I can do! ;-D

  11. This is SO FJUNNY! I didn't even notic all of the "fj" words until I had read a few paragraphs in, lol! Fjords can't get fjunnier than this, that's fjor sure!

  12. Ahhhhhh, he's just too cute to be allowed! So fluffy!
    It must feel great to get back into the saddle too - I can't believe its been two months already!

  13. He's super cute! I love fjords!