Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hello, goodbye

I went to Kenlyn twice yesterday.

The morning visit was all about my new lease horse, Mystyc.  Her owner and I met to hammer out the details of our arrangement and see if my saddle fit her (it does).
The afternoon visit was about Rev.
I spent some quiet time with him before his prospective new owners arrived with a trailer and took him away.  
As much as I will miss seeing him, I hope the sale goes through.  If it does, Rev will belong to a fourteen year girl.  What could be better than that?
Rev and Mystyc in August
It's kind of overwhelming saying hello and goodbye all in the same day.  I don't know whether I should be happy or sad.


  1. I'm glad Rev is possibly going to a new home. I hope it works out for them. I look forward to reading more about you and Mystyc.

  2. I am hopeful for Rev, too. I spoke at length with the fourteen year old's mother, and she seemed to be a very knowledgeable horse woman. I have no doubt that Rev will be very well taken care of, if they decide to keep him. Plus, I think he will love having a teenage girl of his own. :)

  3. I will love reading about you and Mystyc, too, but I'm too sentimental; hello and goodbye in one day would be too much. I wouldn't be able to stand seeing Rev going into a trailer :-( I wish him well with his new girl!

    1. I didn't find out that Rev was leaving that day until I was already at the barn meeting with Mystyc and Deb. The text letting me know what was going on came through while I was brushing Mystyc. Timing is everything I guess!

      I really can't overstate how much I hope the new home works out for Rev. I've long said that he would be a perfect horse for a teenage girl. He loves being fussed over, he bonds very closely with his people, and he's fun to ride. He's very sensitive and willing and feels like a lot more horse than he really is. He's too much horse for a timid rider or a rank beginner, but this girl's grown up with horses. She should be fine with him.

  4. How lucky that girl is! i would have died to have had a gorgeous chestnut Arabian gelding like him at that age. Heck at this age too but I'm pretty happy with my Morgan mare. I think all the work you did with him will have made him a great mount for any future owner. Looking forward to seeing about the new lease mare!!

  5. Mystyc looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see (and hear) more about her.

    That lucky girl! Rev will be well taken care of, I can assure you of that. (Okay, I admit, I'm jealous of ANY girl who's getting such a handsome gelding!) I agree with Sian; hello and goodbye is WAAAY too much drama for me to handle. I'm very happy for that girl, and for Mystyc, and Rev. And, of course, for you; since Mystyc will need someone to care for her ;)