Saturday, April 1, 2017

While I was away

About a year ago, Seth accompanied me to the barn on a cold, snowy day. We fed Sprite, checked on Santana and Mahaganaska's filly and were just starting to head home when we ran into the barn owner. She asked me if I could do her a favor. Of course, I said yes.

"Catch the cremello mare," she said. "I need to breed her to Awesome." 

So, I caught the cremello mare and held her while Awesome did his thing. As we were leaving the barn, Seth remarked that it had been a very strange visit.
 The day before we left for Texas, I had a talk with the cremello mare. 

"I know you're overdue," I told her, "but please wait until I get home to have this foal."
She didn't. 
Baby boy Dunnit was born while we were in Amarillo. 
James and I visited him yesterday. 
He is precious and just the color everyone wanted him to be. 
The cremello mare is a good mama. I guess I'll forgive her for having him a day early. 
 Nefertiti didn't wait for me either.
Her filly was born just four hours after the colt. 
Three down, one to go. I hope James and I will be here to witness the next one!


  1. They are both beautiful, but OMG that dun baby!

  2. Good luck! I have been breeding for several years and have yet to see one hit the ground. I missed a colt born two weeks ago by, probably, ten minutes (I had to go to the bathroom and grab a sandwich). Mom was still down and baby was still in the sack!

  3. That fun baby is adorable! Will be stay that color, I wonder? The filly is adorable, too.

    1. Ugh! 'fun' baby should be 'dun'. Darn auto-correct