Sunday, March 29, 2015

Regal Revenue

Nothing is easy when you're in a hobby slump, not even the simple pleasure of receiving a long awaited model.

My much anticipated Regal Revenue portrait model was supposed to arrive Friday. Although the weather was perfect, I opted not to go to the barn. I did not want to risk missing my package. Unfortunately, the mailman brought nothing more than two pieces of junk mail. Feeling slighted, I double checked the tracking information online. The website indicated he wasscheduled for a Friday delivery.


I stayed home again Saturday, and this time my patience was rewarded. The mailman delivered a nice big box. I opened it carefully, worried that Rev's tail would be broken again. I was delighted to find it intact...
but the same could not be said for his right ear
This was very discouraging. I'd been hoping for a pick-me-up and instead I got a project.
I was tempted to banish him to the project shelf in the basement, but I decided I would at least try to fix the damage first.
I'm so glad I did. The repair was surprisingly easy, and now Rev is almost as good as new.
I am so pleased with the way this guy turned out. 
I'm still in a hobby slump so he hasn't been tacked up yet. 
However, the sight of him trotting across my desk makes me happy. 
Maybe tomorrow I will be ready to work on tack? It almost seems possible.
Thank you so much to Pat Hefty for bringing Rev to life. I really appreciate all the work you put into this guy.


  1. Beautiful! Yay Pat! And you too, Jennifer, for patiently fixing that pesky ear!

  2. I LOVE him! He's absolutely perfect for you. Hopefully he'll make you want to make something ;)

  3. Oh my god. Rev is PERFECT!! Pat, you're a genius, great job!!