Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Desktop treasures

I am a huge fan of Nichelle Jones' Desktop Stables, so as soon as she announced the opening of her Etsy shop, I started planning my purchases. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't the only one. Her first two offerings sold out in minutes, and I was left out in the cold. The third time was the charm, however, and I scored these two pads.
I love everything about them, especially the teensy weensy flag tags. 
The pink pad is a perfect match for my pink doll... 
and her pink saddle.
See? Perfect!
Hunters (as in game hunters, not hunter jumpers) like orange tack because it tells other hunters, "This is a horse, not an elk. Please do not shoot," so this one will go in the box with all my packing gear.
Thank you so much, Nichelle!  I absolutely love my new Desktop treasures.


  1. I'm so pleased that you're happy with them! Thank you so much. :)

    1. I love them! Now I'm waiting for you to list something new.


  2. Wonderful things! Nichelle, you are a master!

  3. I have neon green on the way! Have nothing that goes with it but it was the last one available so I had to jump.

  4. Very nice! I'm hoping to be able to get a saddlebag set if I get lucky enough to find them still available.

  5. these are so cool! I'm 12 and whenever I go to do homework I end up drooling over your blog instead! I love your tack, I hope I'll be able to do this someday!!!
    Leona :)

  6. I genuinely thought the first picture was a reference picture of real ones for a minute. XD