Saturday, March 14, 2015

Celebration of life

Like so many other hobbyists, I felt like I knew Flick long before our first meeting.

Teresa, AKA "Flicksmom", has been sharing Flick stories with the hobby at large for decades, first on Haynet, then on forums such as Model Horse Blab and most recently on Facebook. He has been one of the hobby's best known and most loved horses, and the outpouring of grief over his passing was nothing short of monumental.

In a post on Facebook, Teresa described their thirty one year relationship this way: It was a messy thing, a strong thing, a love affair with life and issues and love and wishes coming true... He was not a perfect horse - but for me, he was perfect and that is all that mattered. The years I had I would not trade for anything else on this earth and I wish I could have more.

Today's post is a celebration of those years, a celebration of Flick and Teresa and their strong, messy, perfectly imperfect love affair.  

Flicker of Lightning, May 22, 1983 - March 13, 2015

Photo courtesy of Shelly Graham

Flick with his other family, Volte barn owners, Shelly, Michael and Tess

Flick with "his" pony, Cherry


  1. OMG... Perfect. I love it, and you. Thank you once again.

    1. Shelly helped with the pictures.

      Yesterday was such a sad day, I really wanted a happy Flick post for today. I know horses don't usually get a Celebration of Life ceremony, but Flick wasn't most horses.


  2. He was such a pretty boy. Until now I never knew his full show name and I think it suited him very well.

  3. Great pictures and a lovely tribute. I would have *never* guessed he was 31 - he looked great!!

  4. we can only borrow them for the short while they are here on earth but they enrich us so fully, make our hearts full and then when theyre gone, we must trudge on in dismal existance without them...BUT it is so worth having th for the short.time they are here...would NEVER live without a fur child...

  5. What a handsome man he was. And obviously so loved. <3

  6. A wonderful tribute. I didn't see this until now, but I am so sorry for your loss Teresa. Hugs to you. Godspeed Flick.

  7. I remember Flick from my days as a regular lurker on Blab. My condolences to Teresa. Jen, what a beautiful tribute post.

  8. weeping out loud; your photos do that. A lovely tribute.