Monday, March 2, 2015

All of Olive

As soon as Erin Corbett told me she was planning to enter the BCS Winter Photo Challenge, I secretly began hoping she would submit an all Olive entry.  
Sadly, that did not happen.
Olive did make into a couple of the pictures...
but I also had to suffer through several photos of Erin's model horse collection.
It was torturous.
After I announced the winners, I made the mistake of telling Erin that I planned to write a post featuring all my favorite single pictures from the blogged based entries, including her "scale issues" shot of Olive on some cheap silver horse.
A week passed and I sort of forgot about that idea. Erin did not.  
I told her I would write an all Olive post if she took a picture of Olive with her Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig Khemosabi resin.  I was sort of kidding, but not really.  Also, I didn't think she'd do it.
She did! 
Ha ha.  That was awesome, Erin. You have earned your all Olive post!


  1. YAY OLIVE! Thank you for indulging me. :-D

  2. Has anyone besides me noticed the "All of" pun?
    Cheap silver horse, my foot!