Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Like the shark in Jaws

Recently, I've been suffering from a serious case of hobby ennui. 

Earlier today, I told Erin that I felt like I would be happy to never write another blog post again. "You can't quit," she told me firmly, then added, "Do you want me to write a quickie post for you about prepping for BF?" 

Of course I said yes, so here it is. Thank you, Erin, for saving this blog. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Like the Shark in Jaws

by Erin Corbett

Breyerfest. IT'S COMING.

If you have noticed some of your friends becoming a little jumpy, maybe a little sleep-deprived, and definitely counting the days until July 19th, don't fret! They don't think the world is ending in 117 days... that day marks this year's Breyerfest Live Show. It's way harder to win at BF Live than it is to win a gold cookie at NAN. For some, this show is the be-all, end-all of model horse shows. They spend all year planning, obsessing, laying awake thinking about their entries. 

I am one of these crazy few!

Planning for Breyerfest Live starts 1-2 years in advance, especially if you are showing performance. I usually have each year's setups confirmed about a year ahead of the actual show date, down to which horses that don't exist yet need to still be commissioned (begged for) from friends.
An in progress picture of Erin's Purdy performance horse
We are nearing the end of March... if you haven't at least started a spreadsheet, it's too late now!!
Erin's 2015 Breyerfest spreadsheat with details blurred out to preserve the element of surprise! The red areas indicate tack changes.
All that said, there's nothing like extreme adversity (9 performance horses and 23 tack changes) to bring a group together. Join us! The few, the stressed, the tired, the crazy. The Breyerfest Live Exhibitors.
117 days.

Bring coffee.


  1. Please don't quit. You are simply too awesome, too amazing and too inspiring to do so. You inspire so many people in this hobby, so many people who look up to you and want their tack to be as good as yours and to be recognized by breyer. You inspired me to start a blog, you are one of the reasons I make tack (interesting to say the least, quality tack. But tack none the less!) and one of the main reasons I actually started collecting breyers. Plus your posts about the horses you rode inspired me in a completely different way. Of all the blogs I read I get most excited about your posts when they show up in the dashboard. So yes, it's frustrating but please don't quit.

  2. Ditto. Your blog is a rallying point online for hobbyists! When I meet new young enthusiasts I send them here to see all the show pictures and saddle rat pictures and performance class entries!

  3. If Breyerfest Live is such a great show why don't we see very many pictures from it like we do from NAN? I'm curious!

    1. I've often wondered that too. I've been to breyerfest twice but I've never gone to show. It's usually locked up like Fort Knox in there from what I've heard. The only pictures I've ever seen are amazing but I wish there were more pics.

    2. No one has time lol. BF Live is the biggest fastest running most competitive show of the year.

    3. No one has time lol. BF Live is the biggest fastest running most competitive show of the year.

    4. Yeah, what Lauren said - nobody has time/ It's running like crazy, 10+ rings going at once, and everybody worked so hard to be there that nobody is going to possibly miss classes to get pics! They should hire a photog like NAN does.

  4. Take a few days off if you must; that's understandable. Just know that there are those of us out there who really look forward to your offerings - !!
    On photography: NAN has its own dedicated photographers & website team, with the goal of sharing every winner made clear from Day 1. BreyerFest has no such, that I've heard of.

  5. I love this blog, btw! And I don't performance show. I do find it interesting. I love all your stories and your photos.

  6. The breyerfest show is very fast paced. If you're showing, you don't have a lot of time. The one year I got some photos. most of the time, I'd see a an amazing entry I wanted to get a picture of but by the time I got back to it after taking care of my entries, it would b ed gone or not whole anymore.

  7. Thanks to Kim and Kathi Haymond, I did post two big batches of Breyerfest Live photos last year. Custom Performance and OF Performance.

  8. Also, there's no need to panic. My enthusiasm for blogging about the model horse hobby has always had its ups and downs. This has been a deeper down than most, but I have no doubt I'll find my muse again.

    In the meantime, there are guest posts and foal pictures. Yay!

  9. When I read your blurb and you talked about 'prepping for BF' I honestly expected an article on high-quality prepping techniques. Whoops. :)


  10. So I heard you like miniatures, especially food items... Saw this and thought of you.