Saturday, March 7, 2015

Baby steps

Yesterday Mahaganaska and her colt moved to an outside pen.  
The foal, tentatively named Kenlyn Gold Standard, didn't know what to make of the snow...
but it wasn't long before he was kicking up his heels. 
Foalie smile. 
So handsome at just two days old. 
Today most of the snow had melted and the pen was filled with mud.  Mama and baby didn't want to come out of the shed...
so a baby walk was in order!
Cara went first. 
Then it was James' turn. 
After the exciting start, Gold Standard settled down and walked around the outside of the ring like an old pro. 
He and James were perfectly in sync. 
We might have to promote James from foal whisperer... 
to foal trainer! 
So handsome at three days old. 
Have I mentioned how much I love foaling season? I do! I do!


  1. Love !!! And I am loving that James is having so much fun with the horses !

    1. I kind of had to make him go to the barn today, but once he was there, he didn't want to leave. He outlasted Carol and Cara, and I would have outlasted me if I hadn't been his ride!


  2. aww James looks so calm and at ease with that frisky baby!