Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Mane Event, part three

The Mane Event at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo was a celebration of equine diversity.  After the Arabians, we were treated to a dressage exhibition by a Lipizzan stallion.
The Icelandic ponies were next.
They performed as a group, with and without their beverages and canine passenger.
The flash of orange on their feet was provided by duct tape applied to bell boots...
and hooves.
We watched vaulters,
a Western dressage and reining combo...
and a bridleless Mustang demonstration.
That was followed by a mock battle between a knight and a dragon.
There was a princess involved somehow...
but I was too busy checking out the dragon's tack to pay any attention to her.
So cool!
The next act was proceeded by a cloud of blue smoke.
As it dissipated, a quartet of Fjords emerged.
They were performing the Spanish Walk...
 and were dressed as characters from the movie, Frozen.
Spanish walking Fjords are on my short list of favorite things.  I could have watched these little guys all night!
The last act was another dressage based performance, this time with an Andalusian.
This was a really fun night of entertainment for both casual and truly obsessed horse fans. James and I were glad we went!


  1. These are amazing. What a treat to find something you can do with James. I've never seen some of this: duct taped hooves? Western dressage And reining? Spanish walking Fjords?? (I sort of knew about trotting Arabs.) Your presentation makes us viewers feel like we were there! Thank you.

  2. This looked very neat! I wish they had a show like this nearby. I really do like that dragon costume though! Do you happen to have any more pictures of it? I think it's a really neat/unique piece :)

  3. Okay, I definitely need to make my mini Fjord custom a Frozen costume! Too cute!

  4. fun! i kinda love the icelandic ponies :)

  5. All the pretty ponies.......

  6. I know that last picture is of Frances (she's kind of distinctive) and I wonder if that was Fino!