Monday, October 27, 2014


Rev's new owner is a member of the Westernaires, and she invited me to attend their year end show at the National Western Events Center in Denver, Colorado.
 The pre-show opened with ponies...
and vaulters. 
They were followed by the first of many drill teams... 
and horse and human line dancers. 
One of the historic groups was next.  
Featured riders included Buffalo Bill Cody... 
and Annie Oakley. 
Then it was time for the main event. 
There were more than two hundred horses in the grand entry parade.  Amazing! 
Things slowed briefly for the national anthem...
but after that the action was non-stop.  There were trick riders and cavalrymen,  
drill teams, 
Roman riders,
rope twirlers and whip crackers.
Founded in 1949, the Westernaires is a mounted organization for Jefferson County, Colorado youth.  Although riders age out of the program after graduating from high school, alumni are invited to participate in the Horsecapades. 
I enjoyed all the groups, but my favorite was probably the Riders of the Steppes. 
These boys really do some neat acrobatics. 
I also enjoyed the dressage team. 
This is what Grace would like to do with Rev. 
It's not modern competitive dressage, but a mix of dressage and drill team and circus tricks.  I think he'll be perfect for it. 
Speaking of Rev...  I had to wait until the show was nearly over before I got my first peek at him. 
Of course, Rev is worthy of a post of his own.   So it's back to the show...
which closed with one final drill team. 
This was a really enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.  I'm so glad Rev and Grace invited me!


  1. way to go Rev - that's a very cool job to land in for a horse! eager to see more pics of him :)

  2. In the 70s when I was growing up and we had horses, my Mom thought we might join the Westernaires. We didn't. I'm amazed, and pleased, they're still around.