Sunday, October 5, 2014


Yesterday the mail man brought me two boxes of tack making supplies.  That should have resulted in a studio marathon today, but unfortunately, nearly everything needs to be returned.  I somehow managed to order the wrong color stirrups, and the lace...  Ugh, that lace!  Each spool is a slightly different color, and none of it matches what I have on hand.  Typically, I use three or four widths on each English bridle.  If the colors don't match, it doesn't look right.  There's no way to work around this--it's all got to go back.

This is frustrating, but also kind of liberating.  With my work plans foiled, I was suddenly free to spend the day doing something else.

Since today is also the second anniversary of Emma's "Gotcha Day," James suggested a trip to the dog park.
We chose a dog park with a permanent agility course.
Darcy is a very good jumper, and I take great satisfaction in watching her clear the biggest fences.
I blame that on my hunter/jumper roots! 
 She's good at the other obstacles, too.
She's happy to go up and down the A-frame, 
through the giant paw,
and in and out of the tunnel. 
 I think she could have been a wonderful agility dog! 
Emma is a lot braver than she was two years ago...
but busy dog parks still bring out the feral little dingo in her. 
Despite that, we managed to coax her through the tunnel... 
and onto the A-frame. 
It was really fun spending the afternoon outside with my girls... 
and this kid. 
I feel refreshed and happy and almost ready to deal with my leather lace issues...  Almost!


  1. Wonderful. Makes me miss my puppy. Would you mind if I used your pictures as art reference? I would love to paint your puppies.

  2. I love the concept of an agility dog park. I'm so jealous! My little Chi is an A-frame superstar :)

  3. what a nice outing - and very cool park!!

  4. Emma has come on leaps and bounds in two years! (apologies, pun not intended, lol)