Friday, October 3, 2014

Lauren's list

Yesterday I invited readers to suggest small tack items for my Facebook short sale.  Most people asked for halters, bridles, boots and martingales... you know, the usual things.

Then there was Lauren.

Lauren isn't a performance shower, and her list reflects that.  These aren't things you'd use in most live show set-ups.  Instead, they're hunter princess luxuries.   I wish I knew how to make them, because I'm sort of a wannabe hunter princess.  Also, I think I need miniature monogrammed standing wraps.

A Challenge for Miniature Equestrians

by Lauren Mauldin

Though I'm not currently involved in the model horse hobby, I'm still an admirer of all things miniature.  The detail that goes into the tack and equipment featured on this blog and others never ceases to amaze me!  That being said, I see some missed opportunities :)

Mostly to satisfy my need for all things mini, I set forth a challenge to the tack and prop makers out there.  Perhaps I'm wrong, but I've never seen some of these items miniaturized before!

Standing Wraps 
Photo by Dover Saddlery
Great addition to a trailer scene?  Or maybe the inspiration for a post-show groom and magnetic therapy session scene?  Either way, bonus points for monograms.

Scrim Sheet
Photo by Dover Saddlery
Go to any big hunter/jumper show and these are everywhere in barn colors.  Another really cool detail for a scene class, or maybe your hunter over fences entry needs a groom holding one of these bad boys until the horse gets out the ring.  

Composite Stirrup Irons
Photo by SmartPak Equine
These are all the rage lately, and they come in a wide array of colors and prices.  Composite irons can be found in the hunter, jumper, and eventing rings (keep in mind they are illegal for equitation unless they are silver).  You'll see jumper riders of all ages using them in really fun colors like pink, teal and more!

Memory Foam Half Pads
Photo by Ogilvy Equestrian
If you are a jumper rider, chances are you have or want a memory foam half pad.  There are several brands, but Ogilvy is the name of the game currently.  Replacing fleece, these custom half pads are super technical AND come in a rainbow of custom colors.  Think of the customizing possibilities to match your model's items!   
Shipping halter
Photo by SmartPak Equine
I know, I know... you're saying "Breyer already makes this!"  Sure, they do... but do they make one where the sheepskin covers all the leather?  Do they make one with a name plate?
Thanks for the list, Lauren.  I'll be sure not to get on any of that!

(Except maybe the shipping halter, because I'm pretty sure I can make a shipping halter with a nameplate...)


  1. I definitely want about four or five Ogilvy pads (in real and model sizes)!

  2. Christine Brown of the UK has made the composite stirrups in black. She makes them from resin.

  3. I think I have material to make a scrim sheet... hmmm...

    1. I was just thinking I could probably make those, lol

  4. oooh yes i love ALL these ideas - and the scrim sheet seems like it might not be too difficult??

  5. I except your challenge Lauren. I will make all the items on the list. Not promising LSQ or monograms.

  6. I will happily post any and all pictures of mini standing wraps, scrim sheets, composite irons, Ogilvy half pads and shipping halters with name plates!

  7. SapphireStoneStudiosOctober 4, 2014 at 8:06 PM

    Challenge excepted! I'm 99% sure I can make the scrim sheet:)

  8. monograms in miniature are not as hard as people think. If you want them to be REAL then yes, but if you want them to be there and look nice...that is doable

  9. Memory foam think I know how to do that.

  10. I'd love to see a model horse slinkie, and maybe a grazing muzzle.